Pet Fountain Reviews by Mystique


Looking for a pet fountain for your cat or dog? If you are not sure what all the fuss is about pet fountains are fantastic for busy folks. Depending on the pet fountain you choose you may only need to fill it up once or twice a week. That sure beats everyday don’t you think?

I have to admit the first time I heard the expression pet fountain, I thought it was a fountain shaped like a pet, and I wondered why no one asked me to model for it!

But it turns out pet fountains are really good for pets as they encourage us to drink more water. In addition the water is healthier because it’s filtered so we don’t get unwanted impurities into our bodies.

So look around, read the reviews for Drinkwell, Ergo, Hagen, Petmate, Pioneer Pet pet fountains.  I hope you find the pet fountain reviews useful and find the perfect pet fountain that suits you and your pet’s needs perfectly.


Update I ended up getting the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain from Amazon.com it’s fabulous

Mum set it up in a couple minutes I started to drink out of it right away first starting with the water bowl then the stream I love it, it’s perfect for me being a single pet (looking for friends ;).  I don’t have to wake mum up anymore in the middle of the night to drink from the bathroom faucet and she loves it too. I do want to mention one thing I’m drinking distilled water so the filters last longer and the water has no minerals in it to clog up the machine (we have hard water where I live.)

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